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05/04: The Walk Reaches Africa

WOW!! What a day! I can’t tell you how moving it is to see the photos of the Walkathon. To see so many of you united in your efforts for the project, on what looks like it must have been a beautiful Stockton spring day, walking with your Red Rhino t-shirts on through UOP, with so much enthusiasm and joy on your faces. I’m very sorry to have missed it.

It bolsters our spirits here. Mine, Mary’s, Gilbert’s, Mildred’s and their new son, David (who, in a few months will begin his Crawlathon). The money raised will continue to propel us toward the completion of our vision, a self-sustaining Children’s Home for some of the most needy children anywhere in the world.

Thanks to all the generous sponsors, the Hastings family, for sponsoring the event, Pelton Shepherd Industries, the Bank of Agriculture and Commerce, and to each of you whose sponsorship made the day so successful, and thanks to each and every walker who put your commitment into shoe leather…literally!

I know so many of you worked so hard to bring this 2nd annual event into being, and made it look effortless in the result. So open your arms and accept the big bundle of gratitude and love winging your way from Kenya. And in particular, thank you to the Shepherd family for your tireless efforts. Ali and the International Outreach Club, Alicia and Pat for guiding and shaping, Tim for your behind the scenes work. I’ll bet even Uncle Kayla was in there helping.

Thank you. From us, and from the kids who will benefit from your work,


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