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10/26: Building the Dam | Day 1

Hello news fans,

This is day three of the dam building fest here. The bulldozer has been running like people are praying for it to hang together. There have been plenty of crazy, maddening, hilarious and “only in Kenya” moments in the process. It rained here pretty hard last night and all around us today, but the property was skirted by the storms.

Here are a few photos from Days 1 and 2 of the excavation, and some people I met in my travels to get a 200 liter drum of diesel fuel filled and arrange to get a tractor rented for Saturday. The one we have been using for the past three days was donated to us by a generous man named Rob. I’ll get you caught up in the net day or two, but I’m too tired to try to get all the way there tonight.

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