Leave a Meaningful Legacy Today!

We are eternally grateful to those who wish to include RROP in their financial and philanthropic plans. You will help open doors and change lives forever for generations to come when you leave a legacy gift to Red Rhino. 

Whether you are a long-time friend and supporter of the Red Rhino or a philanthropist, we greatly appreciate your commitment and trust in our mission:

To empower some of the poorest and most disadvantaged children in Kenya, primarily through education, to become contributing members of society and leaders of the next generation. 

We want to make sure to let you know of the important ways you can support the children now and for generations to come. One of the most powerful ways of giving is by remembering RROP in your estate plan.

Gifts include, but are not limited to, bequests, charitable remainder trusts, charitable gift annuities, life insurance policies and retirement plan assets.

It’s a Win-Win!!

Avoid paying taxes if you are 70½ or older with an IRA Charitable Distribution and help a charity like RROP!

Money from your individual retirement account can be donated to charity and help you avoid paying taxes. If you are 70½ or older you’ve reached the age where you need to take required minimum distributions from your traditional IRAs, and you can avoid paying taxes on them by donating that money to charity. You can make tax free transfers of IRA distributions up to $100,000.   

Download the IRS Charitable Distribution Request Form

When you plan a gift in this manner (which can cost you nothing during your life), you leave a legacy ensuring the wonderful benefits to children whose lives will be transformed by your generosity of spirit. 

To assist you and your financial advisor, we have provided helpful tax and other forms including our tax-exempt letter on our website (see address link below) to assist you in structuring your planned gift contribution.

Please contact us to discuss all of these and other options to leave a legacy for generations to come.  

For more information. Please contact RROP President, Greg Traverso gregtraverso@rrop.org